Jual Action Figure Vintage Ghost Rider Exploding Ghostfire Chest TOYBIZ

Jual Action Figure TOYBIZ Exploding Ghostfire Chest Ghost Rider Vintage. SMS Fajar 0817.486.1641. PIN BB 216b037a.

Action Figure Vintage Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider with Glowing in The Dark Features. Exploding Ghostfire Chest! Includes Flame Glow Details Custom Comic Book! Keluaran TOY BIZ.

jual-action-figure-vintage-ghost-rider-exploding-ghostfire-chest-toybiz (1) jual-action-figure-vintage-ghost-rider-exploding-ghostfire-chest-toybiz (2)

Lokasi kami di Jakarta.

Melayani ke seluruh Indonesia.

Info lain e-mail : order@TokoJualActionFigure.com


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