Jual Action Figure Robot Choujin Sentai Jetman DX Jet Bird Garuda

Jual Robot / Action Figure Jet Garuda Deluxe Super Sentai Jetman. SMS Fajar 0817-486-1641. PIN BB 216b037a.

Action Figure / Robot Super Sentai Choujin Sentai Jetman DX Jet Bird Garuda. Keluaran BANDAI Taiwan.

jual-action-figure-robot-choujin-sentai-jetman-dx-jet-bird-garuda (1) jual-action-figure-robot-choujin-sentai-jetman-dx-jet-bird-garuda (2)

Lokasi di Jakarta.

Melayani seluruh Indonesia.

Info selanjutnya email : order@TokoJualActionFigure.com

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