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Jual Action Figure Vintage Robin Hood The Prince of Thieves SET KENNER

Jual Action Figure KENNER SET Robin Hood The Prince of Thieves Vintage. SMS Fajar 0817.486.1641. PIN BB 216b037a.

Action Figure Robin Hood The Prince of Thieves SET (Crossbow Robin Hood, Long Bow Robin Hood, The Dark Warrior with Pike Scythe, Azeem with Scimitar, Friar Tuck with Battle Staff, Little John with Quarterstaff, Will Scarlett with Crossbow, Sheriff of Nottingham with Sword). Keluaran KENNER.

jual-action-figure-vintage-robin-hood-the-prince-of-thieves-set-kenner (1) jual-action-figure-vintage-robin-hood-the-prince-of-thieves-set-kenner (2)

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